How to Improve the Indoor Rowing Machine Technique

A rowing machine is one great fitness caring tool and if you are already on the plan of getting the best results on the rowing machine, then we are going to provide the best guide to improve indoor rowing machine like concept2 model d indoor rowing machine technique or the proper indoor rowing technique.

Indoor rowing has always been one of the most misunderstood things and exercises that people usually think of. All they think is that it is just a normal handle where you have to sit and pull the handle as hard as you can. Well, no, this is not the thing which indoor rowing is based on.

We will be sharing with you some of the important tips to give your indoor rowing some good directions but before we begin, please note this quick tip that pulling hard is not the solution in rowing.

Benefits of rowing machine

Legs and Feet
Before you start rowing, make sure that your feet are properly placed on the pedals and when you bend your legs towards your arms and your hands which have the handle, make sure that your legs are aligned in the same position and are on the same height. It is highly non-recommended to not have your legs on the same height as they result in a bad posture and ultimately, bad rowing technique.

I have commonly seen people doing it wrong as they keep their back rounded. That is a bad posture, trust me. In this position, you have to keep your back and chest straight and with that, you also have to pull with your arms and exert force from your legs. What most of the people do is that they think it is just about pulling and thus, they keep pulling just by their arms and forget the rest of what they have to do. It is always advisable to keep your back and chest straight rather than bending it and exerting more amount of force on your arms and hands.

Arms and Hands
Like we said, arms and hands should also be straight. As you drive the rower backwards, make sure that your arms drive backwards the same way as you were releasing and make sure that they are completely straight until pulled which will bend accordingly. However, just don’t rush as it may cause sudden jerks and hold the grip firmly with your hands. Make sure that when you leave the handle, leave it according to the time when you pulled it. Sudden releasing may cause injuries which you won’t really be proud of.

Make sure that you have your head high. Like we already said, your head should be high and for that, just place the rower monitor straight to your head and this this the best position for indoor rowing. What most of the people do is that they place the monitor on the lower end which makes them bend their necks and thus, leads to neck pain or improper rowing too. That is the reason we suggest you to keep it straight.